Saturday, May 5, 2012

Everyone needs a Charlotte

As I sit here doing homework - okay, watching 'Sex and the City' (movie), I've realized that every girl needs a Charlotte. Now, for all of you who DON'T watch SATC (I personally suggest start), Charlotte is the friend who is boring. She doesn't party, doesn't get into crazy situations, she falls in love and has meaningful relationships, she has a child and is an amazing mom...sounds a little boring honestly.

There is this one moment, when Carrie is supposed to get married and is jilted, see's her boyfriend/fiancee/jiltee and starts hitting him with flowers. Big gets closer to talk to her while she's in Charlotte's arms - and Charlotte does this mother lion thing and just glares and says "NO, NO"...and stops him in his tracks.

Every woman needs a friend who is protective, and caring and may be 'boring' sometimes...but she's the one who's there. She's the one that has advice to help a relationship or a kid that won't sleep. She's the friend that squeals over the good news and announces it to the world but really is the mother-hen of the group.

Now, I'm going back to SATC.

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