Saturday, May 5, 2012

Well, that's interesting

Okay folks,

So my sister is getting married in the summer - August 11th. Are we close? Nope. I'll even say that a lot of this was my fault. I didn't always make the smartest choice when I was younger. That being said, I've done my best to at best, stay out of the way but to say she's frosty is an understatement. She's colder than an icicle in a Yukon winter half the time to me and just ignores me the rest of the time. Recently, I came home for a funeral and I didn't get a text, msg, email, nothing - the only time I saw her was when I invited her up for supper, which for some reason, my mother thought I should be happy about...and I'm digressing.

Mom told me tonight that she was getting 3 of her friends to stand up with her - I guess in a sense, I expected to be part of the wedding party. That's what sisters do, right? Well, apparently not. So I read some online articles about people in the same boat as I. Most said "It's her day, her decision" and I completely accept that...but it ignores the fact that the sister is STILL a little hurt and excluded.

I tend to have anxiety about 'what do people think?' and so, as people are thinking "Yay for the happy couple," I know I'd be wondering why someone's sister wasn't in the bridal party (especially in a small community). In a way, I just don't want to go. I know that sounds mean or I'm going to hear "you'll regret it"'s an 'in a way' thought. I'll probably be dragged along by somebody but this was sort of that 'last straw' thing. I just want to go home, throw myself into work, ignore everything else except work/volunteer work and go from there.

End of the day, I guess I am a little miffed but it's her day so congrats.

In other news, my friend who was going to call me right back (or text)...the one I decided I wasn't dealing with anymore, apparently doesn't want to be angry with me anymore (okay great) and...even busy with work since...5 days ago. Look, I get busy - funny thing, I really understand it. I also understand common courtesy. I'm just really sick and tired of it and I really am trying to understand it and be 'nice' but there's a part of me that just wants to say 'I'm really done". At that moment, when I texted him that time, he wasn't thanks for the lack of courtesy.

Again, I'm really having one of those weeks that may go down in history as just being sucky!

Gnight blog-world!

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