Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh Tonic

"Saint John’s biggest and best nightclub is the 3Mile’s Club Tonic with its beautiful European decor, high ceilings, spacious dance floor and fabulous atmosphere! This is our 25+ nightclub catering to the City's young professionals."
-Club Tonic website

I'm not how to say "Stay away from this place it's disgusting" but let me explain

1) You know it's going to be a good night when you look at the bouncer and say "seriously?" and he doesn't ID you...or not. I know I don't look younger than 19 but generally there's these pretty strict rules...

2) When a group of 10 or so girls BOLT from the place when the police show up saying "C'mon we really gotta go"...pretty sure they aren't felons but just underage.

3) When the bouncer rolls his eyes at a girls ID. Hint Hint: It's a fake. I know it is, you know it is, she's quaking in her dress that does not cover her underage ass. Kick her out.

4) When I feel a club...

5) When there's more groping than dancing.

6) When you sit on a seat and it's sticky.

7) When you leave the bar and you're still not feeling it even though there's been 4 shots and a drink in less than 1.5 hours.

8) When a guy picks a fight with a bunch of girls...yep, good call buddy.

Admittedly I had a wonderful night out with friends and was so glad to see my dear past-roommate Samantha Shauher (Awesome name, eh?). Just saying stay away from Tonic unless you want to be drenched in other people's sweat, beer and groped. If you're into that, head out!

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  1. Pretty sure some creep tried dancing behind me at one point..and by dancing behind i mean came up and tried to lift my dress up. haha that was before you got there!