Monday, April 23, 2012

My conversation with my turtle

After a concoction of interesting pills found in the bottom of my purse (just kidding), my turtle and I had a grand conversation that goes as followed:

Sam- Ludwig, why can't I find a good guy?

Glub glub

Seriously, is it really that hard? Really? I'm not even asking for long term? I'm just asking for someone who knows how to be sweet, still a guy, and fun to hook up with. Are my standards really that high that I can't find anyone in SJ?

Glub slurp gurgle

S- K, I get it - I'm a LITTLE picky. But that's just because I hate wasting my time and seriously, too many guys assume that short skirts= easy...I'm definitely NOT easy...but I would like a warm body to curl up with!


Is it really that hard? Urgh...Ludwig, thank goodness you understand me.

Glub glub burp

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