Sunday, April 22, 2012

That pesky list

As per my last blog post I have developed a working list of what I'd expect in actually dating a guy.

1) Education/Smart - It's number 1 on my list because education is important and being smart is sexy. I want both.

2) Healthy - This does not mean a gym rat but I run and try to take care of myself, I'd hope someone did the same for me. No drugs, no smoking.

3) Likes pets - I have a turtle. He'll have to at least accept, if not love it. Same thing goes with dogs and cats. Snakes - no. Just no.

4) Drinking - If you're a nasty drunk, don't drink. Know how to handle your alcohol.

5) Has own friends - I don't want him around 24/7...have the 'boys' and I'll have the 'girls' and we'll meet up later and have a boy/girl moment.

6) Good kisser - If you cannot send shivers down my back, it's not going to work.

7) Manly man- This doesn't mean super-macho, beat people up...but know how to fix a toilet or faucet...I want to feel safe. If you're shorter than me, I don't feel safe (Unless you're a ninja). Don't be whiny...emotional, sure.

8) Temper in check - enough said.

9) If you take longer to get ready to go than I do, I'm sorry this won't work.

10) I am a girl. As one of my friends said "Girls are not F***ed up dudes, they're girls. Learn the art of wooing. (I love that word 'woo')

I'm sure there is more but sadly, I cannot think of any at the moment because I am staring at Ludwig von Turdle-Tinker. What a great pet.

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