Monday, January 2, 2012

What is it about the new year?

I don't understand the point of complaining about being single. As I'm watching a few talk shows, my downfall time-waster, I have realized there is so much information directed towards women finding their mate.

Between dating sites, self-help books, websites, articles in magazines, and all these stupid ideas, it's overwhelming. Does society really believe my ultimate goal in life is to find a man? Seriously?

Think about it for a minute. I never clean up a mess that isn't mine. I don't have to worry about what someone else thinks about my actions and goals. I don't have to be concerned with someone else's aspirations and whether it could hinder mine. I can go out as late as I want, come home when I want (if I come home) and I can be selfish. I like not having to remember birthdays, anniversaries or any other date. Being single means I don't need to attempt a balance between work, school and a relationship. And, I always get the remote.

While relationships are great for some people and I assume that eventually I'll fall for someone, realistically, it would take a lot for me to decide whether or not I wanted to give up being single.

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