Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tips to Keeping a new years resolution

As my friend D. says, I like lists. I really do. It brings out my sarcastic nature, my crazy personality and...they're quick! So before I dash off to class with Professor Toner (not the Science one though), I'm writing my ideas on how to keep that New Years Resolution.

1) Tell people- If you want to lose 20lbs or run a marathon, tell people. You'll be more likely to keep yourself accountable if other people ask how you're doing with that goal.

2) Get a buddy- For me, Ashley is a doll because he wants to do a half-marathon as well. Hello running buddy! Get someone that has a similar goal and work together!

3) Be specific- From quitting smoking to losing weight, be specific. If your goal is to not procrastinate, figure out when you do it and why and then figure out safeguards so you can change your habits. For me, it's going to bed at a decent hour so I've started setting my alarm for 7:20am. I know if I stay up for that new episode of "Toddlers and Tiara's" (Aka: Legal Child Abuse), I'll feel like crap in the a.m. and might miss the gym.

4) Don't overhaul your life in one day- Kudos to you for trying to give up smoking/drinking/overeating AND deciding that you'll go to the gym every day this year. Want to bet it doesn't happen? I may as well take your money now. Start little and work your way up. Have mini goals. For me, it's losing 10lbs and going to the gym Monday-Friday for this month. February might be busier and I'm not setting myself up to fail. I'll reevaluate every month and go from there. For this goal, I need to be up in the more sleeping in. I will learn to love mornings or at least, tolerate them.

5) Don't be afraid to ask for help- I'm no weight loss expert so I ask people what they've done, what works for them and why. For some, it's diet and very little exercise. For me, I get an adrenaline high out of working out. I'm also vegetarian (vegan doesn't fit my lifestyle in the school year) so I can cut out so much processed food instantly!

6) Don't be afraid to fail- I was told by my friend A. (not asked, mind you but a direct statement) that I was afraid I'd lose at something because he saw I was hesitant to do it. I have great ideas and really feel I'd be good at the job but I'm terrified that I won't get it. You know, he was right. I'm scared that I'm not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, eloquent enough...and I'm scared to fail. Failure happens. We don't always get everything we want but failure mean's I tried. That's a hell of a lot better than sitting on my ass wishing "what if..."

Well, I have class and after 8 cups of coffee, really need to pee. I can't blog as much as I have been because of class but I'm going to attempt one a day.

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