Thursday, January 5, 2012

The past two years in review (weight loss)

Okay all, so most people know my story. When I left my ex, I weighed a total of almost 250lbs...can't say I was healthy, happy or confident but I lost a bunch of weight over this summer, got healthy, and realized that I'm worth the time.

Today, I was kind of grumpy because I don't really feel like waking up and going to the gym and I'm just sort of blah. I haven't lost any weight over the school year (not really a surprise but still annoying) and it's whiny but depressing. I decided to commit 30 days to double workouts. 30-40 minutes at the gym in the morning and then the '30 day Shred' video with Jillian Michaels. Here's the past 2 years though and in 29 days, I'll add my newest pic to the bunch and hope there is some difference.

My friend Jessica's wedding. I'm the purple chick with blonde hair.

The summer I left my ex...Lost a bit of weight but not a lot...did get a shorter haircut and dyed it purple!

Christmas formal last year. I think there's a bit of difference :) Longer black hair, a spray tan and a short black dress. It was a fun night.

This summer marked my goal to lose weight. I was tired all the time and realized how much I wanted to be smaller and in shape. I took up running and admittedly, didn't eat enough to sustain a starving child most of the time. I was losing weight like crazy and it's addictive but I probably have a few bad habits.

This photo was taken in December 2011. I've put on about 5lbs since my smallest but I still like it MUCH more than the beginning. So even though I'm a little upset about getting up in the a.m and being stuck on a plateau, I'm still pretty happy with the results this far!

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