Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank you!

I have to give a huge shout out to everyone who has supported me about not getting the EIC position next year. I can now say I wish the new editor the best of luck but I will be fighting against what appears to be censorship and administrative control over a student paper while attempting to keep it 'student-based'.

Who knows...there may actually be a 'TinkerTimes' paper going around given half a chance next year. Either way, keep staying tuned to my blog posts and I'll attempt to write real, uncensored stories here from time to time under the label 'UNBSJ News'.

One of my friends and previous editors said: "Well, you wouldn't be doing your job right if they didn't consider firing you" and I do believe he is right. The fact is, I did my job and although I didn't get rehired, you guys will see me around in full force next year. It's time that we fight for a change. We need a daycare. We need to give workers more than minimum wage. We need to address smoking on campus - not just get rid of it.

Finally, follow me on Twitter as I tweet my life away: @TinkerTimes because you know you want to see the absolutely amazing things that come from my fingertips.



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  1. I'd be interested in writing for you. I've always toiled with the idea of starting the PCP (Port City press) as a web based newspaper.