Friday, April 20, 2012

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself

For the record, I am not nor will I probably ever be a prostitute, however, I will always have a dirty mind.

Today talent, eh?
...haha...I do believe I have a 2500 dollar talent. Is partial nudity allowed?

bahaha, no

is it in the rules?


this is a family show

and how do you think families are made?
first there was a boy and a girl and the condom broke

you are ridiculous


And in continuation of said conversation


sorry but I totally just blogged that conversation
I heart you
anyways, back to looking at turtle stuff instead of studying

jesus. good bye

Although my talent is uplifting - and some would even say a spiritual experience, I regret to inform you, I am not jesus.
good bye, my child
peace and harmony - unless you're gay or a witch, in which case I'll stone you
or have my homeboys do it for me, yo.

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