Friday, April 20, 2012

Looking on Kijiji makes me angry

As I am currently realizing I have a LOT of free time now (and I have been looking for a pet to fill the space in my heart left by Fishgerald Lameass Buttercup the Only - my beta fish that Eyoha killed by overfeeding), I am looking for a turtle. His or her name will be Ludwig I do believe.

Anyways, as I'm looking on Kijiji, there are all these 'great' (cough cough) pet owners looking to give away their animals. I don't care if you mysteriously developed allergies at the age of 46 or are moving - you friggin' take care of you animals! Get it? They depend on you and you don't just post on the internet 'looking for a good home' know what, you were supposed to be their good home!

Stupid people. Hi Esme (my cat), I'm glad mom took you because otherwise, I'd be living an apartment before I gave you to someone I didn't know.

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