Thursday, April 19, 2012


You know those moments when you say something entirely stupid. My friend...umm.."Mildred" and I are chatting about a certain guy. We may believe that he is entirely beautiful in a ice cream cone on a hot Sunday afternoon on a boardwalk sort of way...provided you're not lactose intolerant.

It goes like this:
Her: Yes, i do remember that delightful meeting. can't remember a thing about it, except his tummy, thinking...hmm..this lighting is doing nothing for it, and i need to read up on philosophy to sound intelligent.

Me: Screw that - don't talk. Talking is wasted on his mouth - that boy has more skills than...I don't even know what. He blew my mind. If I was on drugs on the best trip of my life, swimming in a vat of chocolate - it would not compare to the **** experience

What can I say? To some friends, there are no boundaries.

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