Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Really? You thought I'd be mature about this part 2

So as you know, I wasn't rehired at The Baron which I don't really feel bad about anymore - I did for a few minutes because, obviously, it's a slap in the face (with a 500$ appeasement bonus - not sure who I slept with on the board but apparently it worked). Let's be realistic here, I'm not in the business of being friendly, nor am I in the business of being less ballsy than I typically am so I'm going to lay a few things out.

My contract does not end until the 30th so if I damn well want to cancel MY bid for the Atlantic Regional Canadian University Press Conference, I'm going to. And I did. If they want to wait and put in an additional bid, they can but this was my ideas, my networks, and my time. If they really want to attempt to use the bid that I submitted as Editor-in-Chief, it's lazy and inappropriate and they should be ashamed of themselves (they being the board of directors or the new editor).

See, I'm trying to figure out that 500$ bonus - to me it's either blood money of "please shut up and don't make waves" or it's "we're sorry" or maybe "well we get it that it stung"...I have 500 reasons to question this. You don't hand over that much money to someone who did a "satisfactory" job...yep, that's what I was told. Apparently, I was satisfactory. Without a journalism degree. And little training. Okay then - I'll take it and be proud of that.

Secondly, I really don't like journalism. Don't get me wrong - I admire what it does, I love journalists and I love the places it leads - but I don't want to be a journalist. I want to be involved and change the world - not watch it change...or write about it changing...or change it by writing... I can't just sit here and as far as conflict of interest goes...umm...we have 2800 people at this school, you learn how to do the job and deal with conflict of interest. Admittedly, I sucked at that aspect - really good reason to hire someone new.

Third, good job on hiring outside the office. Way to say "your dedication to learning how to do a good job matters"...'cause apparently, it doesn't. That isn't directed at myself but at the other applicant who actually wrote for (OMG - surprise)...the paper she was applying for.

Finally, it's funny that for an 'independent student newspaper' we have a member of administration on the hiring committee as well as a journalist who hasn't read our newspaper in over two years (her words, not mine). Look, I'll admit I'm a little pissed off...and I'll even say rightfully so but not because I didn't get rehired. I'm upset because the blatant politics of going from someone so liberal to someone who's young, married, and writes "I'm a good christian" on her resume (okay, maybe not that extreme and it's not like I saw her resume but anyways)...and is so obviously conservative...hi politics. I made waves. UNBSJ is anti-waves. UNBSJ is also ignoring huge issues that need to be addressed - like a non-existent daycare on campus!!! Funny that I brought up real issues like 700 students complaining about noise levels in the library that, I believe if you ask Keith Dewar about, you'll find EXCEED limits by 30-40 decibels (double check that though - please...double check...ask him).

I don't know the great schematics of it all but I'm glad to know that the student paper is in the hands of the students...oh wait, it's not. 2/4 hiring personal aren't students and one of which was probably chosen by administration or by the journalist because rarely if ever do people volunteer to sit on these things. So if the students hate me - let them vote...but for the love of all that is good, do not place future editors in the position of being the face of the "independent student newspaper" when we're not chosen by students (for the record, last year it was 2/3 student votes).

I am glad that I had the opportunity to do this job, to talk to students and to do the job that I've done. I'm proud of what I've accomplished and frankly, saying good luck to the editor would be like congratulating the bulimic for eating - I'd puke on my words later.


  1. I <3 U Sam!!!


    1. Thanks Jessica - I heart you too...I don't heart the political bullcrap that I dealt with in the hiring committee though. Honestly, it was worse than the Irvings- I feel badly that this year we really don't have a 'student' paper because administration essentially picked out our EIC. I don't care anymore that I didn't get it - I do care that the 'student voice' was muffled once again.

  2. It's sad that journalism is so conservative here. HERE , The TG and possibly the Baron is ruled by ultra conservatist Irving. Hiring conservative writers is pointless , it'll just end up being the regurgitation of what we "ought" to hear or know.

    It's also too bad there isn't a rehiring of our editors when it is justly deserved. It would allow for scaffolding of ideas , and more structure and passion in our paper.