Friday, April 20, 2012

Looking to give away to a great home - My (fake and not posted) kijiji ad

Have you ever seen those irritating (and far too common) ads to give away a pet because the child mysteriously develops allergies or the new mom doesn't have time? Here is my thought to this:

Looking to give away to a great home!

One unfixed 2 month female. Not potty trained nor is she housebroken but appears to be quite intelligent. Quite loud but learning by spraybottle method and we seem to be having great success. She isn't great at guarding the house but I didn't really want her to begin with. She was an accident. I'm trying to do the right thing here. I won't just give her to any home though - it has to be her 'forever home'. Comes with 2 months of food, bedding for the first year - maybe two if she doesn't grow much, toys, and other necessities. I would love to keep her but my dog really doesn't like her, I don't have time for both the dog and the child...and the dog was here first.

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