Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thoughts from the weekend

So, as it's now almost Sunday afternoon and I feel like the biggest slacker ever, I am forcing my thoughts on the blog-sphere with what should be remembered, should be forgotten, and the adorableness that is me :)

1) Coffee with a touch of real maple syrup is rather amazing!

2) Real books kick e-books butt

3) Homework that needs to get done right now or else will still be put off until the last possible moment.

4) I am, officially, into older men - does that make me a kitten? If older women who go for younger men are cougars...can I be a kitten? what about a lynx? I could handle that.

5) Gin, wine and beer do not go together in any combination - gotta remember to stop mixing alcohols throughout the night!

6) Two nights out in a row happens on Halloween and only on halloween - why? Because I'm too old for that crap!

7) Dessert is the best food ever.

8) Some people are just stupid.

9) I firmly believe in not talking about people behind their back - so thank you to one person who thought I wouldn't find out. I did.

10) Sleep is interrupted by being awake. Coffee helps soothe it though!

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