Monday, March 26, 2012

I think you suck

Have you ever just wanted to walk into someones office and tell them to take their head and shove it because so much shit is coming out their mouth, it really isn't a far stretch anyway?

There are about 3 people right now who I want to say "I'm glad I won't see you again because goodness knows you're the most useless, unprofessional, miserable creatures I have ever met and had the displeasure of knowing" but...that would be a bit harsh. Only a little bit though.

Really - it may be a boss, an old boyfriend, a current boyfriend who sucks that you really want them to see exactly what is on your mind - like those thought-bubbles on comics or closed captions...That could potentially get me in trouble though.

Here's the thing: If you get called a bully, address it, explain it, apologize, and move on. We've all done stupid things and a sincere apology goes a LONG way. Don't be so arrogant that you can't man up and apologize.

If you're just useless, apologize for being useless and go away. Don't waste my time.

Maybe I don't want thought bubbles over my head. This could be dangerous and I'd probably be slapped for thinking such comments as:

"Can I touch your hair - it looks fluffy"

"I'm staring at your package. No, not the one in your hand"

"I really don't like saying it's fine - it's not fine and you suck"

"Insert head in microwave, turn on"

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