Monday, March 26, 2012

Ahh the good old days

Remember when you were cool just because you could snort an entire pixie stick up your nose? Or maybe because you sneaked a VERY angry tomcat (named Fluffernator and he is your friend) into your grade 2 class.

Maybe you were cool because you were able to bring your baby sibling into school for everyone else to poke during show and tell or maybe because you had markers - that's right - markers, when everyone else still had crayons.

Perhaps it was because your mom packed you the best lunches, or you kicked butt playing basketball on the hold onto that memory for a minute...and remember what it was like to be uncool.

You got picked on at least once, or felt stupid or ashamed of something...remember how it was the biggest deal ever - when you were the kid that peed yourself during public speeches? or threw up on the bus? (admittedly, I did that more recently than elementary school - hello, Norovirus).

Remember always getting nosebleeds or still having puppyfat in grade six? Maybe you skinned your knee and cried while other people told you to suck it up - doesn't matter. Either way, we're going our entire lives thinking "It's the biggest deal ever and no one understands and (SOB) no one gets it"...guess what, it's not that people don't 'get it' - whatever it is - it's because they don't really care that much.

People will point, laugh and then they'll find something else. They'll be angry for a bit if you do something stupid, but providing you're an adult - something I sometimes miss seeing - that too will pass. It's not the end of the world - but it definitely felt like it when you got a sinus infection from the blue pixie stick, didn't it?

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