Sunday, March 25, 2012


Let's talk about dessert,'s kind of like men.

You could have a healthy, straight up, meat and potatoes sort of bloke, someone who ensures you're balanced and even regular. But it gets boring fast - kind of like relationships when you're not ready for one. You can go with the flow and eat your healthy, monotonous, and one-toned blah meal...or you could skip it and go for dessert...

Hear me out, dessert is a little more exotic - even the plain stuff is really good. It's diverse, it's not trying to be healthy - it generally admits it's pretty bad on your weight, gives no nutrition and is void of all vitamins - but it's YUMMY!

Whether you're in the mood for meat and potatoes, or if you're looking for chocolate eruption, knowing what kind of food (men/relationship) makes you happy is really what matters!

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