Sunday, March 25, 2012

The revelations I get while studying

I am currently writing a ten-page essay but am thinking about everything except my essay topic. As I sit here typing, I'm completely veering off-topic all the time - it's slightly terrible but at the same time, I'm doing a lot of thinking...

I guess my first thought is how fragile trust is. No one really thinks about trust when they have it - it's just there but if it's not there, it's thought about all the time. It's something that can make someone completely happy or tear them apart. It's necessary for a good relationship - but it can easily terrify people into not wanting a relationship. Once the trust is broken, is there really a way to go back? Maybe in some cases, but generally, I'd say no.

Next, I'm thinking about this upcoming weekend - it's ARCUP, the Atlantic Regional Canadian University Press Conference - which means a lot of notes, not a lot of sleep and a little bit of partying - just a wee bit though. I think what I like best about these conference's is the opportunity to meet people who are absolutely amazing - they're real people who do real jobs and influence the world. I like it!

I'm also thinking about how people usually look better clothed - Donald Trump said this once about Angelina Jolie. I think he's full of crap about her - but think about it for a moment, it's kinda true. Most people are pretty disappointing when you get their clothes off. Now thankfully, there are a few exceptions. And let me tell you, those exceptions should have a pass to walk around in a loincloth. I'd be completely fine with that.

Well, sadly I also finished all 6 seasons of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. So I should probably get back to this essay - hoping for 7 pages tonight (3 more) and then, bed! I've got some volunteering to do tomorrow, then I'm working on 'stuff' for the week - hoping all essays and such will be done so I can actually have fun at ARCUP without the pain of...well, thinking "CRAP, I HAVE WORK TO DO" like last time.

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