Sunday, February 26, 2012

I sent my editorial to 4 people today because I still can't read it out loud: E (my friend who is leaving), my exboyfriend/friend, my mother, and my writer friend Violet. E sent me something that I am so glad to have read because, although I'm still sad, this editorial has been therapeutic (I promise I'll post it here when the paper goes out).

I learned that living with regret is no way to live. And that if you say what's on your mind (like considering long-distance) sometimes things work out.

I also learned that my friends have changed my life more than a good grade, more than losing weight and even more than leaving Justin. Now, I can cry because I'm sad - but I can also cry because I'm so happy for them and their opportunities.

the message about my editorial:

I’m so Proud of you Samantha; I know it must have been a little different writing this piece because it was a somewhat more personal to you than the average school article, but what it showed in light of that is your ability to connect with readers. I grantee you that anyone who reads this will be able to relate to it in a myriad of different ways. From beginning to end it was succinct, clear not too much fluff and very much to the point, with humour in all the right places. (I know it seems like I’m critiquing your work, but its building up to a point, promise!)

The article was very much to the point and yet broad enough to be relatable to your target audience. The soul of delivery is in the assertion of the writer’s personality within the topic subject, which you have done seamlessly. All this gives me a glimpse into your future and whether it’s writing closing arguments within a court room, or editing the jacket to your latest book. This is evidence that you have IT, the factor that is required to become a great Knight of the pen, a Composer of Words, the ability to convey both a perceived point and empathy to your chosen audience.

A rare gift given to few utilized by even fewer and no matter what obstacles life presents you with, let this always be a reminder to you, that you have IT all. The necessary skill and the ability to inform influence and entertain all at the same time (which leads me to believe that you you’d make a great Orator as well [a Politian maybe??! ;] )

When the time comes and you are faced with the need to convey to your audience your position or stand your ground just speak from the same place this article came from and I guarantee you will be an UNSTOPPABLE Force. Much like fish don’t try to swim they just do and birds don’t try to fly, your natural ability refined over the years will come to light.

I just hope that whenever that maybe, in whatever setting, I will get the opportunity to witness the spectacle that is S.Tinker ( or if I may Tinkertude!!! :D )

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