Monday, February 27, 2012

The drama that is me and Pookie

Some of you may have wondered why I posted a picture and said "boyfriend" instead of "ex-boyfriend"...Well, in epic-Sammy style, I wrote a poem for your enjoyment!

I broke up with my boyfriend,
Because he was moving away,
I promise it wasn't because I thought
He was actually gay (he's not).

We both said that long distance
Would never work, we'd pass
I agreed then recanted...
Then I dumped his ass.

I cried a lot the following day,
Tears, snot bubbles and more,
I pretty much just said "I'm sad"
Right down to my Sammy-core.

So I wrote an editorial
And sent it to him as it'd be read,
By all the people who read the paper...
A thought that still instills dread.

He asked to talk and I agreed,
What else could I do?
I felt like something Luther liked...
under someone's shoe.

He showed up drunk to residence,
I didn't see it going well
But he said the right words...and remembered them,
So now things are back to swell!

So with this crappy poem,
He and I are doing great,
'Cause we may try long distance,
And just keep on having dates!

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