Monday, January 21, 2013

What Beauty looks like

I feel beautiful when I get home from a run, when I've pushed my body to, what I think is it's limit and then I go a few more steps.  I feel beautiful when my hair is matted down with sweat, my socks are limp, my shirt is soaked through and my cheeks are bright red.  When my nose and lips are chapped and I start coughing because yes, I went out in the cold weather, that's beauty.

So when other girls are putting on their makeup, mines been washed off by tears from the icy wind.  When girls are putting on perfume, I probably smell horrible (Scratch that, I stink).  When girls are wearing their heels, I'm kickin' it in sneakers and I feel more beautiful than I ever could with a dress and makeup on.  Why? Because I feel strong, powerful, in control and free - that to me is what beautiful is.

~Samantha Tinker 

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