Monday, March 25, 2013

My letter to Playtex

To whom it may concern;

I would consider myself to be an educated, liberal female who enjoys the equality given to me by past feminists fighting for their human rights.  To see my genitalia be referred to as a 'beaver' - that is, a large semi-aquatic rodent, is disrespectful and degrading.

To assume that the advertisers of such a disgusting campaign would assume that tacking on "for men as well" is actually making Fresh & Sexy unisex, is an insult to my intelligence.  The ad was placed on my Facebook newsfeed.  It's been found in numerous female magazines but not in male magazines.  The 'for men too' is an afterthought to save your marketing team from being accused of considering the vulva is unclean, something men have been doing for centuries.

Furthermore, to hear an advertising slogan say "A clean pecker always taps it" or "A clean rod always reels 'em in" really plays into 'rape culture'.  Provided a consumer uses this product, they will "always" be sexually gratified.  After the Steubenville incident, I would think marketing companies would be far more careful of such implications to even be considered an accessory to accepting rape culture.

I do not find this advertisement amusing nor do I find it acceptable.  Women have been told for centuries that their bodies are dirty because we have a self-cleaning vagina and we menstruate.  Neither of these functions are filthy and to consider them as such is degrading and unnatural. To attempt to tell men that they are also dirty without this product is just adding to the problem.  It doesn't equalize the genders: it only degrades both. 

Until an apology is issued, I will be refusing to buy any Playtex product.  I will also be active in ensuring my university and my friends do the same.


Samantha Tinker   

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