Friday, March 29, 2013

-16.8lbs and once again eating real food.

I went for a run thinking I'd be okay a few days ago.  I'm not entirely sure why...I hadn't eaten for 5 days and hardly drank any of the lemonaid I was supposed to drink on my quick weight loss diet.  Anyways, I felt miserable and so, I ate something.  Yep, I made soup.  

Now, some would call this a failure - I read one blog post about how I was, in fact, a failure and shouldn't be proud of myself for quitting this "cleanse" (fad diet that I had no intentions of maintaining for any amount of time).  My response was an eloquent "Screw you. Go eat something. You're being nasty from being HUNGRY!"  

I lost about 8lbs on the diet (WOOT!) but more than that, I restarted myself on a very clean, healthy eating program.  I'm back to vegetarian (except seafood right now as I'm on a salmon/calamari kick).  I've only been eating for two days and have FINALLY weaned myself off the desire to snack while doing homework.  So far, so good.

That being said, by day five I had recognized that this was something that could lead me back to that really dark place I was in a couple summers ago.  Yes, I was thin...I was also quite sickSo please, if you feel you may have any sort of disordered eating, don't do this.  This is the first time I recognized it and decided to eat something...even if I gained an ounce or two.  I made a huge pot of calamari, roasted red pepper and tomato stew (yum), strawberries and celery and bought vegan protein powder (kind of gritty but great flavour).  

And guess what? I've still lost weight!  So far, since I went gluten free I've lost 16.8lbs.  I'm still planning to lose a significant amount of weight before Guatemala.  I've got another 28.2lbs until I hit my goal weight.  Using the NOOM app, I'm on schedule for July 6th if I lose 2lbs/week. 

Right now, I have a really cute (and clingy) dress to wear in exactly 7 days (and graduation on May 31st) so I'm working out a little harder and yes, eating a little less.  I'm pounding back water - no pop, no juice.  I'm drinking less than 3 cups of coffee daily (usually try to limit it to just one).  I eat breakfast (protein shakes) every day and try to eat a snack before bed that is about 150 calories.

Weight loss isn't easy - Gaining weight is.  Doing nothing about it is also really easy.  Deciding to be healthy is a choice.  It doesn't take fancy gadgets or expensive food - it means changing your mindset and deciding that being healthy is better.  

For me, it's about getting down that final 28lbs and then learning to be happy at that weight.  The first part I can do easily enough - I have a lot of willpower...the second part...well, more to come on that later.  

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