Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 3 of Liquid Diet

I do not advocate crash diets but I also understand that we all have body insecurities.  I might have a few more than some but after gaining a ton of weight (okay, 30lbs) mostly from allergies.

To put it into perspective, I gained about 25 lbs packed within 6 weeks which is almost impossible for what I was eating...I ate spinach salads for three days and STILL gained weight.  It was so frustrating to lose my body while attempting to be healthy, eating right, exercising...so when I found out there was something wrong with me, it was a total relief. 

Over the first few days of going gluten/dairy free, I gained weight because I was hungry all the time!  It was crazy - I couldn't really eat enough...turns out that's what happens when your vitamins are low.  I was void of a lot of nutrition - so my body was hungry.  After I regulated my vitamins and minerals, I had lost about ten pounds.

Since I have to have photos taken on the 4th, I wanted to slim down a little bit..quickly.  I could say I'm on a 'cleanse'.  I could say this is a 'lifestyle' but it's really not - it's a crash diet.  I want to feel better so 10 days of liquids...well it's worth it.

Currently, I'm getting between 600-1200 calories/daily and today is day four.

Day 1 -1lb
Day 2 -1.2lbs (down 2.2lbs)
Day 3 -2.2lbs (down 4.4lbs)

Realistically, I know I'll probably gain the weight back but I also plan to modify my eating habits and keep running (in a healthy manner). 

So I'm on day 4/10.  Here goes.  Hello MasterCleanse, I have such a love/hate relationship with you.


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