Monday, March 25, 2013

Be Dirty Minded, Do the Dirty...but Don't Think You're Dirty

This is the ad that I found on my Facebook newfeed this morning. Remind me again why I would want to be compared to a large rodent?  Furthermore, remind me why I want to buy a product that tells me I naturally stink?

Women have been told for centuries that they are dirty because they have bodily fluid or maybe because they bleed once a month (which I'll admit does still creep me out...but that's not the point!).  Womens bodies are not dirty and neither are mens.  If we stink, we need a shower not a wipe. is this for sexy?  Use wipe.  Wake up in the morning with a lovely yeast infection - I'm positive you are going to feel terribly sexy with the burning, the itching, the cottage-cheesy chunks.  Enjoy that mental image...I gagged writing it.

I looked up some of the ingredients in this Fresh and Sexy wipe

Disodium EDTA - an ingredient commonly used to remove limescale...ouch?
Propylene Glycol- "Propylene glycol is a component in newer automotive antifreezes and de-icers used at airports...glycols are good for this purpose [freezing temperature is lowered] as they are cheap, non-corrosive and have very low volatility."

I had to look up almost every single ingredient on the list because it's ALL chemicals.  What happened to plain old soap and water? I'm a little creeped out with the idea of putting something like that anywhere NEAR my vajayjay!   

And what about our carbon footprint?  Even if these wipes are biodegradable - we have just bought into an unnecessary product that has a paper/plastic box, shipping (oil), manufacturing at the factory...and then the product gets used, dumped in a landfill or septic system where it can't biodegrade because it's under plastic bags.

Women, listen up.  You're not dirty.  Men, you aren't either.  Have a dirty mind, do the dirty, even play dirty...but don't buy into this stupid advertisement that you ARE dirty. 

And PS: Just because they give a marketing nod to men does NOT mean this product is actually marketed towards men. 

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