Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recipe Time

Sweet 'n' Sour Chili 


1/2 pkg firm tofu (I usually leave it out all afternoon on paper towel to drain it)
1 can whole tomatoes (drained)
1 medium onion
Garlic (as much as you like)
small can of pineapple
EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) - 1 swirl around the pan
Veggies (whatever you want)
splash of apple cider vinegar
Any spices you may like (I use Mrs. Dash and pepper but basil, oregano, chili's, curry - whatever you enjoy would work).


1) Throw tofu in pot and smoosh it.  Crank it up on high until it sizzles than lower the heat.  

2) Add EVOO to large frying pan.  Add chopped onion and garlic.

3) When onions are soft, add a splash of vinegar and pineapple juice.  Taste it.  Do you like it? Balance out your flavours here - I usually go half and half.

4) Add whatever other spices you like.

5) Add veggies (I used spinach this time but I've thrown in carrots, mushroom, broccoli, green beans - most anything will work - I use some pineapple chunks as well). 

6) When this is hot, start adding tomatoes to the mix. Stir it up.  Keep watching the tofu that is simmering away.             

7) When tomatoes are hot, add to the tofu.  Stir it around and turn up the heat.  It shouldn't boil but it should be simmering.  When it's hot, serve it up.

Okay - so my recipes are definitely ad-lib.  Don't feel like you NEED to add garlic if you hate it - want more pineapple? Add more! Have fun with it and keep taste testing - for your flavour.  Usually I use hot peppers until my friend's eyes are watering...I'm perfectly fine.  This time, since it's for gramp, I left the hot stuff out. 


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