Friday, January 27, 2012

To the person who doesn't understand sarcasm

"The class isn't stupid. For people who find human biology and the less talked about (or written about) history of human sexuality, this class is fascinating. Perhaps the name of the course is misleading, given that it tends to elicit thoughts that the course material is simply on reproduction, when in reality it is on the process of, the history of, the biological basis of, the diseases of, the challenges of, and the genetics of human sexuality."

Comment from some anonymous reader about Human sexuality.

Here's 5 quick thoughts:

1) I don't care what you think
2) My thoughts are more important in this area of the web so go read elsewhere
3) I deleted your comment. Why? Because this is the one area of my life where I can just press delete and you go away. I've tried it on people in real life...doesn't work. That was their belly button not the delete button.
4) It's called sarcasm/cynicism and exaggeration. Learn about it.
5) I truly believe you didn't actually read my post, just the title. Smarten up.


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