Friday, January 27, 2012

Sorry for not posting

I have not abandoned my blog lately, but I fell ill yet again! Tonsillitis has hit me like a car. Let me just say, ew. I woke up this morning looking like Jabba the Hut. After ice, tea, some pain killers and a doctors appointment which resulted in "oh ****, you've got a case of tonsillitis now don't you?" Yes, yes I do.

Thankfully, the antibiotics work well and I've been drinking a lot of herbal tea and trying to keep healthy food (okay, juice and apple sauce) in me as much as possible. I have lost an additional 15lbs from being sick in the past month. I want my butt back darn it but I'm down another 2 dress sizes....hmm...wonder if I could get a minor flu bug? (JOKING!)

Of course, my biggest fear wasn't "Oh crap, I'm sick" but "Oh crap, how the hell am I going to put together a newspaper, a presentation/training session and explain to a certain someone if he fell ill about how I am so so sorry!"

Thankfully, the paper came together better than ever, the presentation/training session is classic (can honestly say it's 100% better than last time) and certain someone (nickname: Penguin) didn't get sick.

Ahh, Penguin...what can I say about that? Apart from having met him in prayer meeting, being his cousin, making him feel old, me feeling like a youngster, realizing I know nothing about movies with subtitles (and truly don't care especially when drunk) but the music is officially a dozen times better, learning that I like Jon Stuart...and learning that men truly do look better in dress pants (and they unzip easier than jeans - not that I know if my mother is reading this I promise I didn't do anything but I have a pair of dress pants of my own and just wanted to say something funny...nevermind).

As far as other guy goes (the one I went out with a few days ago)...I'm calling him Curry...I'm good not seeing him anytime soon. Nothing personal but I really really don't like arrogance to the degree of "I'm so awesome and everyone else should just appreciate how awesome I am." I think it's too much 'awesome' for me.

I also realized with other, other guy- calling him Taco (What? I'm hungry and can't eat anything) - I've realized that I would really be upset if we weren't friends. I ditched him to hang out with Penguin and that was just mean. I really hurt him and would be so upset if that happened to me. I truly hope I can apologize enough and prove how great a friend he is. I still feel bad and just want to apologize over and over again. Yep, I screwed up and dropped the ball on that one.

At the end of my blog-rant, I've gone through my week of illness and men. I'm ready to call it a night and go study the night away. I'm such an interesting cookie.

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