Monday, January 23, 2012

How men are like coats and other clothing

I have been shopping the past few days...getting new, more professional, less 'university-grunge' clothing and all the while, have been on the hunt for a winter coat. Incidentally, I found a beautiful wool coat with detachable scarf and wind-proof lining at RW& 60% off. I walked away.

Then I came back three days later and it was still there. 1 in my size. Cinched belt screaming "Sammy, Sammy I love you!" I cried back, "I love you too my darling" and bought it without a second thought.

But I've realized, my love of clothing and my passion for a good buy as well as a beautiful cut and classic look that transcends the horrible trends of lately, is something like how I feel about men.

If I walk away from a guy and don't give them a second thought, they didn't really matter to me. They were a trend, a flavour of the week, a passing thought that I shouldn't waste my efforts on. They are the 'Garage' or 'Sirens' of the dating world. They're good for a night or two...perhaps three but, like my red dress, they're probably cursed.

Sometimes, men are like underwear...they're a pain in the ass if they don't fit right or they're so cozy and comfy like a big old set of granny panties that there's no way your clothes are EVER coming off. And sometimes, they hug your tush just a sexy pair of boy-shorts.

Now, a good man is like my R&W coat, my Suzy Sheer blazer, my secretary pencil skirt from Smart Set, my Naughty Monkey heels. They're an investment piece. I put the time into picking it out, finding a good sale, making sure it'll fit my lifestyle but also am willing to take the time to take care of it. They make me happy for a long time, just by the feeling of comfort and how it compliments me without being overpowering. We coexist and flatter one another.

Oddly enough, if you have one of these investment pieces, the other clothes just don't seem as great anymore. They're rather shabby, a little dull, and not as comfortable...I'm always thinking of that coat.

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