Sunday, January 22, 2012

Human Sexuality Class is a terrible idea

I should have realized Human Sexuality is not the course for me. It's not because I've been staring at vagina's and penises all day trying to figure out what's wrong with them. It's not because female circumcision gives me pain just thinking about it. It's not even because I'm officially terrified of walrus penis bones now.

When I took Marine Science, I thought it would be interesting because I like the ocean and have SCUBA dived before and pretty much understand the basics (Human sexuality= interesting, have done it before and pretty much understand the basics). I realized at the end of Marine Science, the mysteries of the ocean were solved, the sand was actually just bits of dead animal and crushed rock (ew), and seaweed is still gross...get where I'm going with this?

Human sexuality...when I kiss someone, I start thinking about what chemicals are working, how my uterus is tipping (yeah, that was a sexy thought), and how there are spongy tubes all through my body...oh golly gee.

Stupid class. New plan: convent.


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  2. dearest Sammie...

    ~ figuratively / literally ~
    some people ~won't / don't~ get it ;) R