Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Asking the right questions

As watching 'The Doctors' the question was finding out about what was TMI on a first date. Personally, I don't believe in dating someone I don't know at all...I'd rather know the basics: Religion, politics, how they feel about dating/marriage, health etc. Even the 'taboo' subjects like, what's your number? Last time they had an STD/STI check? Do they have an STD? Do I know their ex's?

I mean, lets be realistic, why would I date someone and perhaps develop an emotional attachment to someone who doesn't hit my expectations? I want to know if someone has been married (or perhaps, is married), whether they have a political affiliation, and their religion.

Doesn't it make more sense to text/chat before the date and maybe get to know one another? I mean, what happens if you have nothing in much easier to say "yeah, not interested at all" via computer.

Also, I'm a firm believer in having a list of deal-breakers. For example:

-If you're sexually active and haven't had an STD test, you don't stand a chance with me. If you don't care about your own health, you don't care about mine and in today's world, it's ignorance only to not be tested.

-If (by this age) you just haven't thought about religion and politics and have no idea what your values are. It doesn't mean this won't change, but at least it's something that you've thought about.

-If you hate all your ex's, chances are I'll just be another girl you hate eventually. I'm good thanks.

-If I know your ex's. I'm from a small town and I know people from all over lower NB. There's a difference between knowing one or two of the ex's and saying "okay well it was a decent relationship" and saying "oh...umm...I know that person. Ew." It just gets rather irritating and I don't feel like a relationship should be irritating so I'm good just being friends. Could this change? Sure. Would it be a rare possibility? Absolutely!

People SHOULD be picky about who they date...this could be the person you spend a very long time with and you may as well ask questions that are pass/fail to weed out the people you don't want to date.

Just a thought

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