Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The epic lazy day I so very much deserve

T0day has been the day every university student dreams of - I woke up, got breakfast, took a nap, watched stupid tv, played DDR, and am now baking cupcakes and playing Rockband. I got out of my pajamas's around noon to batten down the hatches in sweatpants.

It was a LOVELY day.

I'm on the first boat tomorrow to the mainland. For all you 'non-Islanders', Grand Manan is a little tiny island (think 20 miles long give or take) in the middle of the Bay of Fundy. It takes a ninety minute boat ride to get here. And to clear up any questions:

Yes, we have power
No, we don't live in igloos
Yes we have the internet
No, we don't have a bridge
Yes, people live here year round
Yes, we have a liquor store, grocery store, police, and even a Greco
No, there is no Starbucks, Tim Hortons or pizza delivery

To get to the mainland, it means getting up at about 5am to get showered, hair done, clothes on, and perhaps a cup of coffee before getting onto the boat (which does hold cars) and then being picked up on the other side (as I don't have a car).

I'm spending the day with a new friend so it should be interesting. I get the feeling he's developed a bit of a crush so I'm attempting to explain I really am horrible dating material.

-I'm grumpy most of the time from a conglomeration of work/school/people who I can't point fingers at but her name rhymes with Zillian...and the only Asian who's not good at math (for the record, that is not meant to be a racist comment but a poke at a quote someone gave me for the newspaper as he was hired for the financial position because he was good at math but it took him forever to create a budget and had to have some very simple concepts explained to him). He sparkles. And grades, I'm usually grumpy about grades.

-I snore. I also drool, kick, scream and talk in my sleep...if I sleep. I usually have too much homework and other stuff to do so I get to a point of being grumpy. Vicious circle.

-I am addicted to caffeine. It's bad.

-I'm vegetarian. I don't even want to cook meat anymore...I will but it's yucky.

-Not a fan of babies

-Too big a fan of whiskey

...apart from that, I'm just that awesome :P

On an awesome note though, my s'more cupcakes came out beautifully.

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