Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crack Dealers and Politicians

I'm a Grand Mananer - I'm from a small Island that is absolutely beautiful.  I went to school there, graduated from there, worked there...had my first kiss with my (ex-ish) hubby at that very lighthouse. 

I've also learned a little about politics from Grand Mananers...mostly the comparison of Ronnie Ross (Alleged crack dealer on Grand Manan found guilty a few years later of - insert fake surprise here - dealing drugs) and Premier David Alward.

Here goes:

1) They both screwed Grand Manan over:
Ronnie was being a creepy jerk who brought hard drugs to the island, threatened Islanders and was just dangerous to our way of life.
Alward is continuously being an arrogant jerk who keeps cutting island resources (such as our ferry service) even though he was the blow-hard who promised a free ferry.

2) They both lie.
Ronnie: "I don't sell drugs" (within 3 years was in jail for dealing drugs)
Alward: "Free Ferry! No cuts to services" and now we have no 4th trip and no provincial, top-ranked park as well as the loss of 7-10 jobs.

3) The island banded together against them.
 Ronnie: House mysteriously burnt down in a blaze of epic glory...I'm personally still convinced he burned his own house down but anyways...
Alward: Pretty sure he won't burn his own house down...BUT petitions have already gone around and Grand Mananer's are already contacting the media and planning rallies (and trips to Fredericton if necessary) to get their ferry/anchorage back.

Politicians and crack dealers should probably become best buddies because realistically, they're cut from the same cloth.  Some like Ronnie cause problems for society from the bottom up and some, like David do the same thing from the top down...either way, it's always the people caught in the middle that have to continuously fight for their rights.

[Oh, and Alward must be on some sort of drug to even remotely assume that Grand Mananer's are going to let this go.  Come on...we let a guy burn his own house down...or something like that....]

Note: Alward probably doesn't do drugs.  This is the rant of Sam to be covered by Freedom of Expression within my Canadian rights and should not be taken as news as I am slightly exhausted at 2am.  Consider me interesting but not reliable.  If you'd like to ask Alward for a pee sample though, ask him directly at "I am a" (aka his Facebook page).


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