Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What would you tell your child?

I am not a child person as many of you know - I don't like kids.  That being said, I started thinking how people criticize themselves.  I am guilty of it: My hair is in an awkward stage, I'm not pretty enough, thin enough, I'm grumpy, I'm not able to maintain a relationship, my feet are gross...I could go on and on...

The problem with this thinking is that it's completely destructive - so my new rule is "Would I say it to a child?" Although I'm not a 'kid person', I'm great with kids (I don't know why or how but my mom was an amazing role model).  I would never tell a kid they weren't attractive or they were awkward.  I wouldn't dream of telling a kid they were too fat.  So I'm putting the kid gloves on myself!

There's some harder things though: would you tell a child it's okay to go without sleep to finish a project? Would you tell a child it's okay to indulge for the third night in a row on pizza and (root) beer? Would you tell a child not to stand up for what's right?   We tell children ideas that are so pure and wholesome but as adults, we often forget to listen to what we are saying.  We forget that we need to parent ourselves and be responsible for our own well being.

So, if I'm going to have a happy 2013, being positive is a good start! Stop self-bullying - it's not healthy.  Instead, smile and remind yourself that your inner child needs some love! 

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