Monday, February 11, 2013

Health and Wellbeing

Unfortunately, it looks like I have an intolerance to not only dairy but gluten.  First and foremost, I want to assure all my blog readers that I am working with a doctor to a) diagnose me and b) help me help myself. 

To those who have questions about this, I'm going to give a very simple low-down on what I've done as far as research and how to go about changing one's diet.

1) I stuck with what I knew - Fruit, veggies and potato are safe as is 'real' meat (meaning chicken, beef, or pork - NOT lunchmeat, sausage or anything with a list of ingredients).  Since I know I can eat that and not be hurt, that's what I've been eating.  I've slowly branched out to gluten-free tortillas, homemade pudding and other foods.

2) I researched - I used websites from nutritionists that sounded valid.  Blogs of people who self-diagnose or think every single symptom is a sign of an illness without going to a doctor gets ignored.  Blogs that are confusing (ie: say they are dairy free but have a lot of cheese or milk in the recipes) get ignored.  I have been using as a staple lately because it's so simple and healthy.

3) I stay positive - I can look at this two ways: I can't have cake, cookies or cupcakes and that sucks OR I feel better by just modifying my diet.  I don't need surgery, I don't need medication for the rest of my life...I'm really lucky!  People have allergies and intolerance all the time - peanut butter would be hard for me as would citrus fruit, alcohol or spices...this just means a change, some modifications.  Staying positive is healthy in its own right.  If it gets frustrating, take a break - go back to a safe food and try again later!

4) Listen to your doctor...and your body.  I'm on pills for an ulcer - even if it isn't an ulcer, the pills won't hurt me.  I also cut out dairy in my first week and gluten in my second (after he suggested tests for an allergy).  So far, I feel amazing.  Now, admittedly this could be a placebo effect or even a coincidence - but if I feel good, I'll take it!

5) Make friends - seriously! Make friends with people who have the same allergies or illness.  You WILL appreciate the support and knowing that the feelings of being overwhelmed or even scared are normal! They will help you more than I can even express.

6) Ignore some comments - I've had people assume I'm on a diet, a cleanse, I'm just stressed, or every other possible excuse for what 'could' be wrong.  I have an intolerance.  Because some foods make me feel yucky, I will not be eating them anymore.  If I gain or lose weight from it, for now I'll accept it.  It's not a cleanse - I don't really buy into those.  Yes I'm stressed...I always have been.  I don't need a non-medical doctor to attempt to diagnose me (except for my friend Dana who has had this pegged for years!).

So blog world, if you're in the same boat I am - you're going to be okay!'s a little scary at times but calm down, do some research, and take your health into your own hands!

Here are some of my staples that have helped me along (All gluten and dairy free):

Earth Balance Buttery Spread 
Daiya cheese
Gluten free tortillas
Potatoes (they are cheap and a carb - BONUS)
garlic and onion
Fruit (anything on sale!)
Almond milk
Peanut Butter
Chicken thighs
Chocolate Mint oolong tea (check for wheat)
Chai tea (check for wheat)

So that's what is stocked in my freezer! I hope it helps anyone that is dealing with allergies! Have a great night everyone :D 

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