Thursday, February 14, 2013

Top 10 List: Why being single is awesome

I am an awesome person...I truly believe that.  That being said, this awesome person is single on Valentines Day and honestly, it kinda rocked.  Last year, I was in NFLD missing my boyfriend (oh wait, I wasn't because I am a terrible girlfriend and felt guilty for kissing another guy before I left)...anyways, I learned that I need to be single for a very long time to grow up and respect myself and others more. So being single is a) a choice and b) amazing.   Why, you ask? Here goes:

1) I have yet to shave my legs this week.  Okay, this may or may not be a lie...but you know what - stubble is easy to deal with. It's not sexy when I look like Chewie - but I just call it an extra layer of warmth.

2) Lingerie sucks - I'm pretty sure I still have a thong stuck in my ass.  Those bras are painful and oh yeah, it all gets taken off anyways!  Yes, it's fun but looking back on it - I wanted sweat pants, not a naughty Professor Snape outfit.

3) I'm a selfish human being hellbent on taking over the world - I need my me-time to do this.

4) Pooping is SO much easier - Have you ever had really bad gas at night (or had to poop and the bathroom is right next to the bedroom) and been afraid that someone would hear? have.  Your eyes start to water, you're pretty sure you're going to explode...but you've gotta be a lady...I don't have that problem.  

5) I'm not exactly healthy - Okay, so this may not encompass everyone but as you know, I've been pretty sick lately...having a guy around who wants anything but veggies probably wouldn't help.  Oh and the symptoms? Not pretty.  I don't want to be around me sometimes.

6) PJ's - I love flannel pyjamas and onesies (as in, with feet). I can wear this single and not feel bad. Every night. Every day.

7) I can travel - even though I've been sick, I still plan to go to Guatemala in December for 3 months.  I would have a much harder time doing this if I were away from a significant other...adois!

8) I can flirt. 2 words: Spanish Language. It's sexy.  Just saying...thing is, I don't really flirt because I don't want to have that attention.

9) I can focus on the things that are important - school is my priority. When I say I don't have time, I really do mean I don't have time.

10) Being single is awesome because it means I get to grow up without hurting someone in the process. I can figure myself out and maybe settle down someday...but not today. Or tomorrow. The day after isn't looking good either.

11 more minutes and Valentines Day is over. Happy February 15th everyone!

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