Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Day  

Hey guys, have you ever just had one of those days where you're just happy?  I woke up late which I thought was terrible, but then I realized it was cold out, I needed the sleep and really, I like sleeping in.  Anyways, I'm going to try going for a short walk in a few (I know, those midnight trips are terrible and unsafe and blah blah blah) but I've been so antsy lately, I'd rather push my ankle and know I'm close to res...might just go around campus. 

I met someone new who I'm having coffee with on Thursday - I'm sure you guys will hear ALL about it.  To reiterate the Samantha Rules of Blogging:

1) No real names
2) I do lie at times - accept it.  If you know me, you can ask me in person.
3) I won't tell other people's secrets
4) I will talk about Ludwig as though she is human.  
5) It's my blog therefore, I am always right just because I'm 100% awesome and you're reading this because you love me!

So keep on enjoying folks! I'm going to get to homework! first A- on an English Journal! :D

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