Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feeling better

Although I still can't sleep (for some reason, my body thinks 4am is a good time to go to bed and 11:36 is a good time to get up), I am feeling better about the past month.

I think time does help fix everything - and so does just saying "You know what guys...suck my big toe." I've come to accept that my time is really valuable because I almost always have a hard time FINDING time to do something just for me.

So, instead of holing myself up in my room all the time, I take off to City Market, grab a coffee and work on homework there. Instead of searching for keys (that yes, I do need to take back but I can't find them at the moment), I go for a hobble (I'd say run but I'm still limping).

So here's to living, not just focusing on one thing or another. Here's to a summer of good times, good friends, good days, and happy moments. Here's to just enjoying life! Oh - and here's hoping for SUNSHINE! This rain is making me moldy.

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