Thursday, May 10, 2012

To the 61% of North Carolina residents...

To the residents of North Carolina who voted yes,

Go to a mirror. Tell me what you see.

Have you ever had sex outside of marriage? sinner.

Have you ever lusted (yep, that's right - at the beach, you noticed her booty and had a dirty thought)? Sinner.

Have you ever said a curse word? or disrespected your parents? Have you ever stolen something (anything - even that pencil accidentally)...hmm...sinner.

Have you ever gotten drunk - or heaven forbid, high? -Sinner again.

But look the other way at the things you do every day, the things that are legal - like drinking, adultery, or cursing, and then, throw stones at people who are gay and say it's immoral. Not only is it immoral - but now, it's illegal for gay people to be married in NC?

Really? Because Christians and religious folk and straight people in general aren't screwing marriage up enough as is?

Maybe it should be up to the churches to decide if they're okay with marrying gay people - I'm okay with that. I'm okay with a church saying "No" because they can say no to straight people too! So if it's ever your son or daughter, if it's ever your friend or loved one that comes out of the closet, you have allowed the government to determine a moral issue.

Maybe you should fight for prohibition next...

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