Saturday, November 3, 2012

The wonders of the Internet

I have this thought about the internet - it really causes more stress than it's worth sometimes.  For example, I could find out information on my ex, his new gf, his family, friends etc...But I don't want to.  I mean, why would I?  It would hurt me and do absolutely no good - but it's right there.  It's right by my fingers...

Curiosity is a good thing but if you're reading something that makes you unhappy - don't read it.  Walk away and pretend it NEVER existed.  It's hard sometimes (mostly because you're hoping that people have changed or maybe just fell in front of a crowd of people...I dunno...something) but just delete it from your favorites and ignore it forever.

I've had people say they don't like my blog - well, my advice is not to read it.  If it's not for school, it's not for pleasure obviously...why bother if it just makes you upset?  I mean, this is the place where I'm allowed to say what I'm thinking (within reason) and I've made no qualms about my rules on here:

1) I don't lie (my version of the truth may be different than other peoples as I do believe in fairies and unicorns so if you read about one in my blog, it's true).

2) I'm not always nice (I'm not always nice in real life either - get over it).

3) I delete comments if I don't like them - why? because I can.  Simply put, this is my little sanctuary and I'm just not in a place where I want to deal with other people's issues with my writings.

4) I don't use full names - I made that mistake once and deleted the post because it was stupid to do.  I did it purposefully as well - that was because I don't like him.

5) This blog is not about respect, love, peace and bunnies.  If you want that, check out questionablecontent.  It's not about that either but it always makes me's about me...and I'm not always loving or respectful...sometimes I'm hateful and mean...but I'll be honest about it.

So again, my blog = my world.  If you don't like it, I honestly wish you the best and hope you enjoy your corner of the web.  It's a nice spot most of the time and I hear you can find just about anything :p

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