Saturday, March 24, 2012

What exactly does P-Diddy feel like when he wakes up?

I have come to this conclusion that when the normal person wakes up in the morning after a night of partying, they do not feel like Ke$ha's "P-Diddy" nor do they start singing about their hangover. No, you know what they do? They roll over, try not to wake the person they hauled back to their apartment, looked at their room wondering how it POSSIBLY got messier - then, yes and only then, do they go to the bathroom, pee, and attempt to not vomit as they force large amounts of water into their system, praying for death the entire time.

Predrinking wine first, then C & I hit The Alehouse for dinner (and blueberry beer), then...

Big Tide (Blueberry Beer)
Happinez (Wine)
Callighans (Left - it was dead and we were just too young)
Grannans (Gin)
Canterbury (Gin and beer)
Cougars (nothing - we were loaded)

For the record, it was a blast. C & I wound up on the dance floor without anyone else around with old people glaring at us (Surprise - we're young and not arthritic). We were all over the place and may have gotten a little bit sloppy drunk! Always fun when it's not just you!

And the person I may or may not have taken home (seriously, don't you wish my mom didn't read my blog? I love that lady - I think she keeps me from getting arrested just by her aura) was definitely in the top 3 bodies and maybe top 5 crazy drunken hookups - not that I have drunken hookups either because I don't kiss people when drinking...

Anyways, my hair extensions are askew all over the room and I have laundry to do! What a night...Tonight is essays and homework and some good old pizza and diet pepsi. Maybe even a few episodes of Hercules (I heart Kevin Sorbo).


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