Monday, March 19, 2012

one rant about younging's

As I sit here 'studying' for a test, my mind begins to churn almost as much as my stomach has lately. I am finally beginning to understand why people are concerned about future generations - it's because they're stupid. I'm only 25 - I get it that I'm in the whole generation X factor and everything has been handed to me yada yada yada...

Okay, that's absolute bullcrap...I don't expect to get an A because I showed up for class and did nothing else. I expect a B+ because I showed up to class, did the tutorials, worked hard on the essay but probably could have done better and taken it to the writing center a couple more times.

I expect a lot of myself therefore, I expect a decent's because I work for it.

I expect that if I treat people politely, surprise, I'll get treated decently - maybe not perfectly, but decently is a good expectation. I don't understand this "I'm so special" attitude I've been encountering by all these friggin' high school students - here's the thing, right now you guys are a drain. You're the future but you count for nothing at the moment*

Here's another thing - I don't care about you. Now I know mommy and daddy are telling you you're special but they're wrong. I do NOT care why you can't get your work done - what I do care about is that as I'm working on an essay, planning a trip up to Freddy for school, planning an honours degree, trying to pick out courses, and I'm so stressed I'm breaking out in hives, you dropped the ball. Good job, you suck.

Furthermore, to all you parents that continuously tell your child they're so special, they aren't. They are just little goobers who need to be slapped upside the head. If your child is saying cuss words on FB and making their little nanny grammy who goes to church every Sunday sad - slap them because if you don't, I'm pretty sure someone will in their life someday and it'll be directed at their nose...not their ass.

If they're cussing out teachers or getting in fights at school, ground them (and swat them). I don't care if you need to tie them to their bed - yes this sounds like abuse but here's the thing - they're abusing themselves. If they're doing drugs or drinking at a young age or hooking up in school washrooms, how about you do something about it instead of complaining when they're knocked up. Parents, these little goobers are your responsibility - and some of you just don't get that.

Look, some of you are doing an awesome job and maybe I'm just surrounded by the lesser-brained but something is WRONG somewhere. I know I wasn't the best of teens but if your kids are perma-burnt at 13, something is messed up.

And this is where I insert palm to face and just say "I give up because the people I'm talking about probably can't read this anyway"...yay.

*Note: to all you high school students who are actually working hard, holding down a job and have a sense of responsibility and maturity - this is not for guys are above that. This is a rant specified at the high school students I have dealt with in the past few weeks. Holy crap.

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