Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reasons why I do not support L...

L...- a pro-life group, is made up of a bunch of people who believe holding a bible between your knees is a great form of birth control. They are absolutely incredible as they are not listening to normal statistics and believe causing a scene is a better way to get your point across than actually helping people. Since I do attempt to keep some semblance of separation among my work, school and professional life, here is my first of many disclaimers - I am a student. I am a human. I have a voice. I will always use my voice. If you don't like it, please re-read freedom of expression. You express your voice, I'm expressing it louder.

On top of all that, they surround it in a haze of religious bullcrap. I call it bullcrap, not because I'm not religious - I am actually - but because they lie, they hurt people, and they're an epic load of crock.

Since this is my personal blog and I can say whatever the heck I want as it is my. personal. blog (get it, don't drag anything else I do into it because this is my disclaimer here), I'm going to give some reasons why this group is stupid, should be shut down and irritates the baby outta me.

1) I don't want fetus with my coffee/tea/bus ticket/medical appointment etc. Here's a thought, if I'm going somewhere, I don't think "wow, I'd love to see pictures of babies in wombs"...I personally find that disgusting. I don't like children and find medical pictures in general gross. How about I show you some pictures of tapeworms - they also grow in bodies?

2) Don't bomb people - Okay, so I can't say they did this but pulling stunts to get attention (NOT BOMBING - did not say they did this) is stupid. It's rude, inconsiderate and absolutely not helpful to a PROFESSIONAL environment. I didn't pay for you to be here - well, actually I did help pay for that. I want my money back.

3) I hate your guilt trips - you regret your abortion? kn0w what, so do other people and they don't want to be reminded of it at school. Better yet, how about I carry about sign saying "I vacuum my uterus on a daily basis" or "I don't regret mine" or how about "the other option this girl had was a coat hanger and lysol mixture" with a picture of a dead 13 year old. Welcome to reality - it sucks.

Here's my reasons - like it or hate it, I don't really care. Start your own blog and rant just like I am at 12:30 am with a midterm tomorrow.

PS: Thank you D for listening to my rant about why I think they should be shut down solely because I think it's a stupid group. I appreciated it at midnight.

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