Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh what a night

You know those nights you're glad you don't have pictures...that was me last night! With amazing friends around me, we celebrated Saint Patrick's Day in true Maritime style...and a certain someone developed an accent as the night progressed.

Admittedly, it was probably one of my favorite nights out - ever. Why? Because there was no drama. Since breaking up with my boyfriend (officially and happily this time), I've realized that I don't want to feel isolated because of a man, I don't have time for a boyfriend - and if you're rude to my friend (even if you are drunk, that's NOT an excuse), I don't want you around me!

The bonus of all this? I had an awesome good morning stagger out of an apartment and go get breakfast at Tims before crawling home sort of morning. Oh boy - that was lovely!

Anyways, thank you everyone for an awesome night and hope your morning was painless...I sincerely doubt it for some :)

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