Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What university has taught me

The non-conventional learnings through my university career have, in ways, far exceeded my actual studies. As I am grumpy, I am writing a top-10 list of these musings. Enjoy...and if you don't, don't post because I'll just delete your ass.

10) Alcohol may not fix everything but it definitely makes it better in the short term.
9) Smoking can be justified...so can any other bad habit.
8) It's not about who you kiss - it's about whether his pants came off.
7) Hooking up is acceptable because understandably you're not giving up men (or women) but you are postponing a relationship until you actually have time to function as a human being.
6) Coffee is a liquid, therefore it counts as water. Gin is also a liquid.
5) All-nighters are part of life. They're either preparing you for something...like a baby or a location where the bars don't shut down at 2am.
4) Your high school teachers are wrong. All of it.
3) It is possible to get free trips...and it's amazing!
2) Big words are good...but swearing makes you feel better!

And my all-time lesson from university which was learned outside the classroom

1) Don't date anyone who you may need in the future. It gets awkward.

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