Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Scale = New Weight

So, I broke down and bought a scale tonight (measuring it against my old scale which is 5lbs heavier than what it should be).  The other bonus is that this scale is apparently very accurate which is nice - and it measures by the 10th of a lb so I can see mini differences.  Turns out that what I thought I weighed was actually off by about 6lbs.  I'm pretty happy about that!

 Realistically, I should be thrilled about the weight loss. Lately, I've just been grumpy.  After this event, I'm going to start eating right and exercising properly with less worry.  I would like to up my goal weight to my birthday - I know that's weird but I'd like to enjoy a happy healthy birthday (with no cake because yes, I'm allergic).  

So wish me luck and I'll keep writing.  Hopefully this time I can actually keep the weight off and lose it healthily! Fingers crossed for goals! 


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