Thursday, February 28, 2013

My gluten/dairy free go-to, sanity-saving recipes

First thing you need to know: gluten free food from a package TASTES gluten-free (which is a mix of sweetened cardboard and sawdust).  It's hard to try new foods when a package of 6 donuts costs seven dollars - bread $6/loaf. I may as well start drinking again (but not beer or whiskey...probably not rye either). 

Here's a few of my simple recipes that help me get by on sugar fixes.  They're usually higher calorie and I personally think you should give yourself 3 weeks of just learning what you like/don't like/really hate before you start worrying about calories.

Here goes nothing:

1) Anything from BeHealthful.  This woman is AMAZING! Her name is Leanne Vogel and I live off her Key Lime Pie Spinach Smoothie Recipe.  She has great recipe ideas and she's wonderful with allergies! This is by far the simplest website I have found for recipes.  She's also not 'preachy' about going dairy-free.  It's like having a wise older sister that is always encouraging and sweet! Follow her on Twitter @Be_Healthful.

2) Coconut Macaroon Bites (Take as much coconut as you want, add honey until sticky.  You can add some ground almond to this if you'd like.  Press the mixture in a greased pan.  Take a square or two of chopped unsweetened chocolate - usually dairy free so double check - and put in a pot on very low heat.  Add a spoonful of coconut oil until the mixture is melted.  Add honey until its bittersweet or to your taste.  Pour over coconut.  Refrigerate if you can wait that long).  There is no set recipe for this (which I love) so you can make a tiny individual serving or a huge batch. 

Just remember, some people are allergic to coconut so be nice to them - write Allergy: Coconut if you're taking this to a potluck and use separate utensils when dishing this out.  We've got allergies and they suck so let's support our non-nut friends :)

3) Peanut Butter Smoothie - Almond milk, banana, peanut butter. Blend. I know, right? Bloody simple but it's a 'sandwich' taste without the bread!

4) Iced tea.  I'm now addicted but I hate the amount of sugar that's in the store-bought stuff.  So I read some recipes, ignored them, and came up with my own.  (Bring 4 cups of water to a boil in covered pot.  Take off heat.  Add 2 teabags - I love flavoured fruit teas that are decaf but mix it up.  Leave for 1 hour.  Add sugar by the tablespoon until it's sweet enough for you - I use about an 1/8 of a cup.  The original recipe calls for 3/4 cup.  Add a squirt of lemon juice for zing - I use about 2 ounces. Leave overnight).  I have fallen in love with green iced tea (only way I'll drink the stuff) and Raspberry Pomegranate.

5) Chocolate Avocado Pudding - God Bless Charlotte!!!! This is by far the best chocolate pudding I have ever had! (I used honey instead of agave nectar because I'm cheap like that.  I also used normal cocoa because I can't find raw cocoa.  Seriously, this is the best way to eat an avocado!

So to all you folks who have been given the "No Dairy No Gluten" diagnosis, HELP! Let me know some cool recipes you use, talk about things that help you (or tell me the things that completely irritate you).  Any websites or online shops for gluten/dairy free that you like? This is new to me too so hopefully it helps you out. 

Honestly, my best advice is take a breath, remember the things you can eat, remember that being healthy is better than the bun, and if you get frustrated, take a break from grocery shopping! 


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