Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feeling Radioactive

Fellow Bloggers,

I`m sure you`ve all experienced the person who sucks your very soul out through a straw.  I`m taking about the person who makes you wish you had stayed in bed, didn`t answer the door, remained in a coma...etc. 

Now imagine being trapped on an island with them - there is no escape for an undetermined amount of time.  Do you feel your blood boiling yet...(apparently my question mark sign is doing this èÈ now).

Anyways, I am currently dealing with this.  A person for some reason drew a parrallel to the trip I am going on in December to help animals with her friends trip to a developing country to build shelters.  The rational beind this seemed like volunteers were going down to help but the locals didnt really need the help or it was a different sort of help they needed.

Sure, that can be the case...some groups are bad for that - some people are bad for that.  But instead of leaving it as a question of how do we combat this or is there is issue with this - she draws attention to ME going to Guatemala.  Wow - thanks for being rude, arrogant and putting my dream down.  Seriously, you bloody well made my day.

1) This person does not know me at all...they may think they does (I sometimes wonder if he or she thinks they knows a lot more than they actually does) but that would be a mistake.  They doesnt know the name of the group Im with, the work Im doing or who runs it (and that would be a group of Guatemalian locals...not an American group).  So thank you for drawing negative attention (and is a boldface bunch of hooey) to my very personal to me, cause.  

2) The basis of the argument (if I can call it that) was that this is what they felt another person experienced. Right... look up some groups, do some research but dont throw out ideas abotu another persons experience (especially if you didnt bother saying what that person answered - and for the love of all that is good, do NOT make the assumption that my trip will be the same way). 

3) He or she proceeds to explain about someone going over alone to Africa and getting murdered in just a couple of days (right after that story).  I get can be dangerous.  There are times I will probably miss home and not be entirely safe.  I could die.  Im okay with that.  I dont expect to die or get hurt but things happen.  You know what else happens...heart attacks, getting hit by a car, falling down stairs and breaking your is dangerous if you think too hard.  But thank you for that wondeful was appreciated.

4) When I inform someone of what  I am doing, I would expect them to listen and perhaps apologize for being an insulting jackass.  Do not assume that you are right because you have used me as an example to make  connections to the problem of ethnocentricity.  Again you do NOT know me so stop making random assumptions. 

5) Do NOT use me as an example.  Just dont.  Its obviously too easy for that person to be taken as condesending and can easily be taken as being rude and ignorant (both of which, I will admit to having felt about that person).

Heres the thing: I want to make a difference...and if I help one animal down there, Ive made a difference.  I am working to help animals - not people.  Yes, people will benefit but this group that Im going with chose me to come down, work in Spanish under their guidance.  I have already accepted that things will be different and I will have problems with that sometimes - but I also understand its a developing country that needs some hands to get dirty and make a difference.  It also needs people to take the message back that they need supplies, money, etc. 

So the reason for my title...I feel rather radioactive after dealing with that person today. 

Thankfully, a true friend is my anti-radioactive spraydown.  She simply said that this woman must be jealous or have read a really stupid Cracked article.  She also said how people are quick to jump to negativity.  Im seriously guilty of this.  So to end my blog....Im going to list 5 things I am thankful for...

1) Laura - just because shes amazing and one of my heros in life! She fights every semister through pain and even when she seems totally down, she is the first person to have an encouraging word, a smile.  Shes got the most giving heart, is so nonjudmental and shes my guardian angel some days!

2) Dana - because she will rant with me, curse like a sailor, laugh until we are both in pain, talk about poop and give suggestions like hang a dead squirrel up to make the animals go away.

3) Being healthy again - Oh my gosh! I cannot be greatful enough for this one.  I have never felt better since...for a long time! Im not achy or sick anymore, no bloating or pain! I cannot believe how good i feel!

4) Coconut chocolate almond macaroon squares - its my new go-to chocolate fix.  Mix coconut and honey together until it sorta sticks. Press it in a greased pan.  Add bittersweet chocolate with honey overtop.  Eat sparingly or a spare tire will emerge.  Also, homemade iced tea and spaghetti squash - not together.  Anything gluten-free is awesome!

5) Warm weather.  Im from canada.  4C is a heatwave!

Cheers everyone!

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