Sunday, January 27, 2013

You, my dear, are an idiot

You know that moment when you look at someone and think "What the HECK is wrong with you?" Recently, I broke up with my boyfriend - I'd say it was a truly traumatic experience but it wasn't.  It happens, I'm over it.   

So why am I grumpy, you may ask.  We broke up because he's massively in debt but apparently, he didn't bother to share this.   Basically, it wasn't because he's in debt that made me end it - I could handle that. The irresponsibility and the fact that he didn't seem to have a plan to fix this (and prevent it from happening it again) was worrisome.  To explain further, he didn't realize that he was this far in debt - ummm, really? You didn't know how much your car would cost? or that your credit cards were maxed? or that you were in overdraft and had been missing payments? Really? I've gotten pretty good at calling 'bullshit' and my radar was up on this one.   

Anyways, we had a chat last night and he proceeded to tell me that he was upset that I left him when he needed me the most.  Fact: We've been dating four months.  Fact: When I asked what he planned to do about it, he said he didn't know, he ignored phone calls from creditors and oh yeah, he was still smoking.  Sorry but I was not that much invested into the relationship.  At four months, a relationship should still be fun, not stressful due to one person not managing his money properly.

Anyways, this is my rant and yes, I'm rather grumpy about the "you left me" accusation.  I don't believe in playing the victim and this is exactly what he did - it's a stupid ploy to make me feel guilty and it only made me angry.  It's called growing up - some people apparently take longer than others.

In happier news, I got to go to Grand Manan for the weekend and am having a great stay! Woot!

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